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pax tools

PAX Tools

PAX Tools is a collection of nine science-based strategies that can improve children’s cooperation and the ability to manage one’s own behaviors, as well as support social and emotional development. PAX Tools recognizes that many adults contribute to the overall educational, social, and emotional growth of youth, and approaches behaviors as skill sets that must be taught. Therefore, PAX Tools is intended for all families and other adult caregivers to create supportive and safe environments that ultimately help children thrive.  In fact, similar PAX Tools strategies are often utilized in schools through the PAX Good Behavior Game®, which increases productivity and instruction time in the classroom.

Open to anyone

Approved for CME, CECPD, LMFT, LPC

Cost: $0 per person


For more information or to register CLICK HERE or email


Misty Boyd

Misty L. Boyd, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and serves as the Young Child Wellness Expert for the Chickasaw Nation Division of Research and Public Health. Her current role leverages her experiences in clinical service delivery, research design, grants management and community organizing to enhance public health efforts that create supportive, nurturing environments to help children and their families thrive. She is passionate about bridging the best of psychological science, public health practice and cultural wisdom for optimal wellness. 

Jennifer Jesse

Jennifer Jesse, RN-BSN, is the Young Child Wellness Community Coordinator for the Chickasaw Nation Division of Research and Public Health. As a nurse, she participated in national efforts to bring trauma-informed care to the tribal clinic setting. She currently uses her talents to support parents and increase community connectedness to promote well-being and prevent health disparities. She is dedicated to ensuring that all children and their families have positive, nurturing relationships and strong cultural identities that keep them healthy through the lifespan. 

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