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the brain talk

The Brain Talk

The Brain Talk helps to give a practical, and easily teachable, understanding of how human behavior is linked to brain development. The presentation explores what shapes our brains, including factors such as childhood trauma, temperament, and protective factors. Personal stories are woven throughout the life span. Those being exposed to the concepts for the first time will benefit, as well as those who understand the effects of trauma but want to expand their ability to help others gain awareness.

Open to anyone

Cost: $0 per person


For more information or to register CLICK HERE or email



Autumn Cooper

Autumn Cooper is the Trauma, Hope, Resilience, Education, and Diversity (THREAD) Director with the Oklahoma State Department of Health. In her current role she works closely with state leadership and community partners by sharing evidence-based trainings to strengthen connections and enhance service delivery that is trauma-wise, hope-infused, and resilience-oriented. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, a doula, an Endorsed Infant Mental Health Specialist, a Community Resilience Trainer certified by ACE Interface, a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator, a member of the Oklahoma Council of Infectious Diseases, and serves on the board of the Oklahoma Association of Infant Mental Health. Outside of work, she can be found connecting with nature, her children, grandchildren, friends, and loved ones.  

Julie Williamson

Julie Williamson has 17 years of experience working in social services and public health in Oklahoma. She currently serves as a co-coordinator for the THREAD program at the Oklahoma State Dept. of Health and as the Communications Coordinator for a 9-county health district in south central Oklahoma. Julie has a passion for expanding awareness about trauma and brain development and reducing behavioral health stigma. She is a trained mentor for NEAR Science by ACE Interface. In her free time, Julie loves spending time with family and friends, especially in the outdoors.  

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